About Us



Legenda Cycling is an Australian cycling apparel brand based in Melbourne. We created this brand because we think cycling clothing should be both sustainable and stylish. We also aim to promote cycling, so even more people can share the joy of this beautiful sport.

Our passion for cycling started about a decade ago. In that time, there have been years of small and big achievements, years of crashes and injuries, joy and tears, first races, commutes, organised events, solo training, and bunch rides. We have been lucky enough to ride in both hemispheres of the globe, in rain, hail and shine.

Whether you are an experienced racer or just starting out, the most important thing in a cycling kit is the same: it should feel good to wear in every way – offering comfort and panache in equal measure, without costing the Earth. That may be an overused expression, but it’s one that sums up our brand philosophy perfectly: from fabrics and chamois to packaging and mailing materials, everything we use is sustainably produced and/or recycled, and our products are always priced fairly.

Like us, you probably buy and use multiple cycling kits. Some stay comfortable and good-looking for years, while others quickly stretch out, become see-through, or lose their shape. Legenda apparel is made by cyclists, for cyclists. The quality of the fabrics is first class (and made from recycled plastics; see our process here) because our commitment to sustainability and value means we design our kits to last. The cheap and disposable clothing of the "fast fashion" industry usually ends up in landfill before too long, whereas your Legenda clothing will keep you looking stylish for thousands of kilometres on the bike.

That’s the dream! If you like the sound of it, please join us, and help grow our community, looking good and having fun on bikes, all the while making a difference to the world we live in.